Assisted Living Abington

Have you or someone close to you been on the fence about the idea of Assisted Living in Abington? Allegria at the Oaks is a 55 + private community center that houses 95 residents at a time.

The Oaks as we are referred to by the residents and their families, is conveniently located in Bensalem PA, with our surrounding amenities including the local fire department, police department, and EMT services for a quick response incase of any life threatening emergencies. We do offer an on-site medical team that is trained and licensed to evaluate and treat everybody that stays with us.

The Assisted Living – Abington program is offered with three different living arrangement, they are permanent, short term, or trial stay. Each term is based off the needs of those who are looking to become the newest member to our great family. Our medical staff and the directors of The Oaks will come together and assess every individual accordingly with the input of not just the medical physicians they normally visit but the family and the individual as well. We feel it is best to keep every body in the loop while going through such a transition so that no stone is left unturned.

If a resident requires a form of therapy such as Speech, Physical or Occupational, we have licensed therapist on site. This way you do not have to travel. However, should you choose to continue your services with your existing therapist we are able to set up transportation to and from your appointment. We also aid in setting up future appointments you may require.

Assisted Living Options in Abington

This applies to any sort of medical necessity that is mandatory for your safety and well being. For more information regarding our medical team please visit our website at There you will be able to view all we offer during your stay with us.

Finding the proper Assisted Living- Abington for yourself or your loved one shouldn’t be a hassle. When you set up an appointment with us to view the community we urge that you come full equipped with any and all questions you want answered. If for whatever reason we may not be able to provide an answer at that moment we have plenty of resources that will help. We are a safe community with 24 hour care and security for your needs and protection. While you are staying here we want you to feel as though this is home. Comfortably is as important to us for you as it is for yourself and family members. If there seems to be an issue with either your living quarters or your suitemate please do not hesitate to express your concerns so that we as a team can come to a proper conclusion.

The team here at Allegria at The Oaks in Bensalem PA wants nothing but the best for all that stay with us. Please consider us while choosing your new home for assisted living – Abington. Visit our site to set up an appointment to view the grounds or call us if you wish to speak to a staff member directly. The website again is and the phone number is (215) 752-9140.

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Allegria at the Oaks proudly and compassionately
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Abington, Andalusia, Bensalem, Bucks County, Burlington, Croydon, Hulmeville, Levittown, Newportville and Willow Grove.

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