Independent Living in Newportville

You’re in the right place to find out more about Independent Living in Newportville. Our facility has a lot to offer and we pride ourselves on providing the best care around when it comes to senior living facilities.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right assisted living facility. However, we strongly hope that we’ll be your top choice. We invite you to learn more about us, see all that our facility has to offer and understand the many reasons why you should select us. Although we can tell you all about our facility and amenities in words, we invite you to schedule a tour to see it all for yourself.

About Our Senior Care Services

Allegria at the Oaks is also known as Bucks County’s Choice for Senior Living. Independent Living in Newportville is all about choice, independence, and well-being. Our facility offers excellent supportive services all while providing you with beautiful, luxury housing to enjoy.

All decisions from management are based on our principles of care. What this does is help ensure that you live an exceptional and rewarding lifestyle with us.

These principles are:

  • Treat each resident with dignity and respect.
  • Promote independence and individuality for each resident.
  • Allow for individual choices for care and lifestyle.
  • Protect resident rights to privacy.
  • Involve family members and friends for care decisions.

What We Offer at Our Facility

We believe you’ll find our wide range of services suitable and appropriate when it comes to independent living. We are focused on offering personal care that will meet all your needs and keep you well. The foundation for our personal care services is all about choice, independence, and well-being. We will take the time to get to know your history, passions, interests, and needs so we can best serve you.

Furthermore, we offer services in the area of Memory and Alzheimer’s Support. We understand the challenges that come with Dementia and Alzheimer’s and want you or your loved one to be as comfortable and safe as possible.

Therefore, we provide a stimulating environment that includes specialized daily activities. You’ll have all the luxuries of residential living as well as receive an increase in supervision, assistance, and support from our staff.

Reasons To Choose Our Senior Care Services

There are more than enough good reasons to choose Allegria at the Oaks. Our staff is not only professionally trained and knowledgeable, but they are compassionate and care about seeing you doing well.

We will always take the time to listen to your feedback and hear about how you’re feeling or what you’re experiencing.

Although we’re here to help, you will always have your independence and choices available to you. There’s also a long list of attractive amenities and you’ll be enjoying a luxury lifestyle that puts a smile on your face daily. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re comfortable, happy, and safe.

Next Steps & Getting in Touch

Independent Living in Newportville
Are you ready to learn more or want to get started by scheduling a tour?

Then get in touch with us today so we can answer all your questions and welcome you into our community. You should also know that at Allegria at the Oaks, we offer short-term and trial stays for Residential Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Support care.

Our Service Areas

Allegria at the Oaks proudly and compassionately
serves the following areas in Pennsylvania:
Abington, Andalusia, Bensalem, Bucks County, Burlington, Croydon, Hulmeville, Levittown, Newportville and Willow Grove.

To Experience All the Luxury & Care of Allegria