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The community experienced an outbreak of COVID-19 among both staff and residents, beginning April 9, 2020. For the last three months (June, July and August) we have not experienced any new cases.

The baseline universal test for SARS CoV-2 of all residents and staff was completed on August 22, 2020.

We are contracted with ACULABS and Empire Lab for resident and staff testing. The nursing team of Allegria did the swabs.

Should the community experience another outbreak, testing materials will be kept on site, with the possibility of obtaining additional testing materials as needed from ACULABS, and Empire.


With the assistance of ACULABS and Empire we will be able to test residents showing symptoms. Usually this will be available within 24 hours, barring any unforeseen absence of nursing personnel.

Should we experience another outbreak of COVID-19, and thus the need to cohort residents, the PC residents would be cohorted in the Terrace floor. The Terrace consists of 7 rooms, 2 private and 5 companion rooms. If this area is used to cohort residents, each resident would be in a room by him/her self.
The MC residents would be cohorted in the wing of rooms outside the nursing station, South Grove. There are 8 rooms in this area, and again each resident would be in a room alone. Using these areas would require the transfer of the current occupants of the rooms in these areas, and would be contingent upon the availability of rooms.
At present we have sufficient PPE for our needs. The masks tend to be used up rapidly. As a back up we are ordering more masks, and our sister facility in NJ has a supply that we can utilize, should the need occur. Other PPE equipment is being monitored by the Director of Maintenance, and would be ordered as needed.

We have developed current rapports with several staffing agencies, and would re-establish these connections, should the need arise for adjunct staffing.

We will follow the State’s directives regarding re-opening, and lessening of the current restrictions, abiding by the guidelines for our county, Bucks County.


We continue to monitor the vital signs of our residents daily. These are taken by the Med Tech once a day, and as the situation warrants. If residents show symptoms, in consultation with their primary care physician, they are taken to the hospital.

All staff are monitored via taking of their temperatures, upon arrival and departure. If a staff person’s temperature exceeds 100.4, they will be sent home and advised to contact their physician. Additionally, each person responds to questions regarding symptomatology. Outside workers go through a similar screening, with the questions being more extensive. No visitors, non-essential personal or volunteers have been allowed to enter, to date. When allowed they will go through the same screening process.


Currently, all residents who are capable of eating without assistance are doing so in their rooms. Those with memory issues which preclude their staying in their rooms are assisted to the extent possible in maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. Any residents who are choking risks or who need assistance with feeding are eating with staff present, while maintaining social distancing to the extent possible.

When we are again able to allow communal dining, we arrange the tables to maintain social distancing, having only one person to a table. To achieve this we are having two seatings in each dining area.

All staff must wear masks whenever they are in contact with residents. Between each use of the dining areas, the tables, chairs and the room in general are sanitized.


Currently, activities are planned for individuals, and not for groups. We have had such activities as “hallway Bingo.” Residents are provided individual materials for their use for activities either in their room or in a hallway, with each person staying in their rooms. Also, residents have engaged in physical activities with one-on-one assistance from staff. Additionally, staff assist residents to go outside, maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask. The sharing of equipment, games, puzzles and the like is not permitted.
Our new Activity Director is developing plans for activities when persons are able to gather in small groups. To this end, we are utilizing care aides in order to increase the available staff for such tasks.


Non-essential personnel have not been allowed to enter to date. At step 2, non-essential personnel will begin to re-enter. As all who enter, each person will be monitored for an elevated temperature and/or signs and symptoms of a cold, or related to COVID-19. All who enter will be required to wear a mask, practice social distancing and hand hygiene. Non-essential personnel will be prohibited from entering areas restricted for cohorting of residents with COVID-19.


Once visitation is again allowed, there will be a schedule of half-hour intervals, on Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Visitors will be required to register for a time slot, by calling the front desk. Each resident may have 2 adult visitors per visit. One child may accompany the 2 adult visitors. Each visitor will be screened, with temperatures taken upon arrival. If a visitor has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID 19, then the visit will be canceled and re-scheduled when the parties are cleared. Hand sanitizer will be available for use before and after each visit. Social distancing must be maintained. All must wear masks, if they are 2 years of age or older. No food, beverages or tobacco is permitted during the visit. If anything is brought for the resident, it should be left at the reception area, after the visit. After each visit, the housekeeping department will sanitize the area. If possible, the areas for visitation will be outside. Tents will be provided for this purpose. Two residents from PC and two residents from MC can have visitation at one time. Additionally, in inclement weather, the meeting room, in the annex across from the front entrance can be utilized for one resident’s visitors. The resident will sit at one end of a six foot table, with the guests at the other end. A staff person will monitor the area during visitation.


Allegria will follow the directives of the County and other local authorities. Should Bucks County revert to the Red Phase of the Governor’s Reopening Plan, restrictions will once again be in place.
If at any point in the reopening process there is a new facility onset of COVID 19, the facility must cease reopening and revert to the restrictions previously in place.

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