Senior Housing Willow GroveThe term “senior housing” is used in the real estate industry today to encompass several different types of housing for seniors. Consider yourself to be special if you fall into the “Baby Boomer” generation. This generation is the largest in US history to date. You are on the cusp of retirement or already in retirement.

Senior housing – Willow Grove is essentially broken down into five different categories. You have your senior apartments, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing (or nursing home), and lastly continuing care retirement community. Each uniquely designed in its own way for the comfort of the individual(s) inquiring. Allegria at The Oaks which is conveniently located at 6400 Hulmeville Rd. Bensalem PA is equipped for all five. We house 95 residents at a time, each having the proper care and services they require.

How we do this is simple, we have different levels set up for each category. Everybody is housed in different units that will better suit their needs. This is determined based off the evaluation from our licensed and professional medical team along with the directors of each department in our community. We also take the comments and concerns from not just you but from family members as well into high consideration. The involvement of each party is extremely important. We want everyone to feel like an important factor because this transition is important. At The Oaks (which is the nickname the staff and residents came up with) everybody is treated like family and still as an individual. We feel it is grave for each person to maintain a sense of independence while they receive the services that are required for their care. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at 215-752-9140.

Each of the living quarters we provide are set up in two ways; a studio setting should your needs require more privacy, or a shared-companion room if your needs are not as severe. Your evaluation will determine which type of living quarter you will get. The rooms come fully furnished with a private en-suite bathroom. We do recommend that you bring your own décor to add for your personal touch. For a better view of each room please visit our website at and click on “Floor Plan”. This will show you the lay out. While you are on our website make sure you visit the “Personal Service” area. This will give you a glimpse of what our inclusive services are, including a 24-hour medical team incase of an emergency. Not to mention the amazing restaurant dining experience you will encounter here at Allegria at The Oaks.

Senior Housing – Willow Grove sounds intimidating, but once you do all your homework and contact the right people you will find that the search can quickly be narrowed down to one location that will without a doubt be the best community that suits your needs, and that’s at Allegria at The Oaks in Bensalem PA. Please give us a call to further discuss your needs and to set up a tour of the grounds. 215-752-9140. Or you can send a request via email by visiting our website. That again is

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