A society or community’s true value can be determined by the care and treatment the oldest members of that community receive. This is something we believe in at Allegria at the Oaks and why we are dedicated to providing first rate senior living Bucks County residents can trust with their loved one and relatives.

Following are some of the reasons to consider our reputable establishment when considering the needs of your aging loved one.

Personalized Care and Attention

While we would all love nothing more than to stay back at home and care for our aging relatives as nature intended, this is simply not possible for many reasons. Sometimes it is the pressures of professional demands or even the need to care for grandchildren, but many will have to choose another option such as senior living  in Bucks County.

Those elderly loved ones entrusted to our special care facility will receive the same care and attention they would receive from friends and caring relatives. We go the extra mile to learn all we can about our clients and use this information to build strong lasting relationships.

Safe and Comfortable Surroundings

If you are concerned about how much time your elderly relatives are spending on their own. You may be wondering if you have alternatives. It is especially dangerous for elderly people to be left alone as even some of the most basic tasks of washing, bathing and housework can increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

But when staying in our safe and comfortable facilities in Allegria in the Oaks you will have nothing to fear. You can rest your mind in the knowledge that your loved ones will receive the same care and support if they were being attended by yourself.

Special Memory and Alzheimer’s Services

If your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other degenerative condition that affects their brain function and memory, you will need special help. We offer specialized care to seniors with memory issues to ensure their spirits are kept positive and their mental functions gently stimulated. We have energetic daily activities and follow special care procedures to ensure no harm becomes of seniors with memory conditions.

Short Term Stays and Visits

After discussing plans for senior living with your relative, you may find that they are not too thrilled about the idea. But this is common, we invite your relative to spend some time in our first-rate care facilities and see if this is not the preferred lifestyle for those advanced in years. If you are planning an extended vacation to explore the Jungles of Sumatra, Granny and Gramps might want to sit this one out –– they are more than welcome to stay here with us.

Friends and Family

While we classify as a senior living facility, we are really more like a kind and caring community who watches and takes care of each other. Having a warm and caring locations where your elderly loved one can find friends and emotional support in their age is a great way to ensure that depression and loneliness are not a part of your relatives later years.

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