Senior Living Willow GroveIt is common to feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out an ideal living arrangement for an aging spouse, parent, family member or close friend. There are numerous different types of senior living options nowadays, all with varying levels of care.

It is imperative to consider the general health, mental capability, mobility and specific activities that your loved one may need help with as they age. It’s ideally crucial to consider their social life, interests and other factors that may be impacted by where and how they wish to live. Does your loved one need:

-An elderly care facility near home or near a family member?
-Proximity to a favorite place?
-Special care for a chronic condition or acute illness?
-Family involvement such as special gatherings and social nights?

A professional senior care team can help you assess the needs of your loved one and recommend the best senior living Willow Grove solution.

That being said, here are the various types of senior living Willow Grove has to offer:

Staying at Home

Most of the seniors choose to stay at home, whether they living alone or with family. In this case, family members assist with everyday activities such as cooking, bathing, and navigation. Some families decide to hire nursing specialists or in-home caregivers on a part-time basis.

If a senior opts to stay at home, the primary goal is to get additional resources in order to support everyone that’s involved.

Personal Care

The next senior living Willow Grove option is known as a personal care home. In this option, residents get the help they require with everyday routine and tasks. This might include nutritional support, medicine management and even help with daily personal care.

You will come across some stand-alone personal care facilities and others that are attached to long-term care and/or nursing facilities.

Independent Living

Active seniors who do not want to deal with the hassles of home ownership or maintenance can opt for an independent living facility. In this option, moving to senior living is similar to moving to a new house, only that they do not have to worry about the upkeep. Independent facilities, usually referred to as retirement homes, retirement communities or patio homes, ideally offer opportunities to socialize with agemates and engage in fun activities.

Assisted Living

This form of senior living provides a slightly different kind of care compared to personal care or independent living- it is somewhere in between. Assisted living is for seniors who prefer the independence and freedom of apartment living, but need a little help with daily activities.

Skilled Nursing Care

This is the best option for older adults who require round the clock care. The staff is properly trained to address the psychological, social and physical needs of the elderly. The staff may include geriatricians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists as well as social workers.

These are the common options for senior living. The transition to elderly care presents an array of benefits and challenges. As such, it’s important to plan ahead and involve your loved one so that you do not have to make a hurried decision when the time comes.

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